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Bad Wolf Media is a digital marketing agency for any small to medium sized businesses that need to grow their online presence.  Our mission is to help businesses become self-sufficient online with expert intelligence and unrivalled client support. We create smart measurable solutions with expertise in SEO, Web Design, Social Media, Display Advertising, PPC & Branding.

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Flexible Working Arrangements

We work a little differently to most digital agencies. We can work in-house with you and your team as well as remotely! We like to get involved and work directly with you, whether it be on a campaign or for one on one training.


We are your in-house marketing team. We can create your online marketing strategy, implement and build, then train your staff to take the reins and equip them with the tools to necessary to drive it. We will come and reassess every 6 months to re-strategize and make sure you're on track!

We have clients all over Australia!

Far and wide we can help with your business. So you don't need THAT much help? Perhaps just a website refresh? Maybe you just need help creating some automation? or a creative brain for your a new light on your campaigns? We can work with you on your project no matter what the size or where you are located. By the hour or per project - we have the flexibility and skill set to let you get back to what you do well.